Laser Sensor Test System – A Revolutionary Innovation

What are Laser Sensors? What is the need of Laser Sensor Systems?

Laser sensors are used for detecting, mapping and scanning purposes. The wavelength of a laser light is extremely pure (Monochromatic) as compared to other sources of light. It has low divergence, can travel over great distances with the brightness that exceeds that of the sun. Laser light is used as a tool for testing materials and components. It facilitates manufacturing process, minimizes production downtime and improves economic efficiency. Predominantly used in the manufacturing processes

Which fields require Laser Sensor Test Systems?

Laser Sensors are predominantly used in manufacturing processes. Apart from that, they are also used in various industries like Science, Research and Development, Medical Engineering, Security, Surveillance, Controlling and Monitoring, Traffic Management, Plant management etc.

Why has Laser Sensor Testing System become so popular?

It has become popular because of its efficiency, reliability and compactness. It is fast and easy to operate. Moreover, its efficiency remains unaffected by Electromagnetic (EM) noise which is omnipresent in industrial plants.

How is Laser Sensor Test System better than conventional techniques?

Conventional techniques used for testing purposes prove to be insufficient. They are deemed as outdated as they cannot meet certain requirements. Laser Sensor Test Systems work with high – speed Also, they become come with sturdy housing which makes it easier to be used in various heavy-duty industrial applications. And, therefore laser sensor test system has become more preferred.

How does a Laser Sensor Test System work?

It makes use of triangulation measurement principle. It is designed in a way that it works in a completely non-contact and non-intrusive way. Its non-contact sensors are used for measuring moving targets such as small objects and precise positions. Laser lights are focused on the target. One can measure precisely and quickly without any contact with the object with the help of light. They are used for targeting various liquids and fast moving objects. It is also specifically used for targeting non-reflective materials. In order to process the information, a digital (binary) interface is attached.

How efficient are Laser Sensor Test Systems?

A laser Sensor Test System works with high accuracy even under different temperatures, background noise and vapor pressure. They can perform under different temperatures, background noise and vapor pressure.

What all functions can Laser Sensor Test Systems perform?

Laser Sensor Test System can be used for performing various functions like error-proofing, quality control and positioning.

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