The Procedure

We have a seamless and transparent process that guarantees that you get the best property. When a prospective client reaches us, he has to fill a form, mentioning all his requirements. Since we are a company focussing on group purchases, we try to club buyers who have similar needs. The details of the people whom we approach as a group are shared with all the concerned parties. You have to provide us the following details:

  • Name and contact number
  • Your requirement as to the type of house- apartment or independent floor
  • Approximate size of house required
  • Number of people/ family units in the group
  • Approximate budget
  • Location in which you wish to buy property

In the second stage, we select the properties which are suitable for a group on the basis of the information provided by them. Even if you are an individual buyer, we will be able to find a suitable group for you that will match your needs.

Our team members accompany the interested parties to view the flats. If they like the place, the clients are able to meet the other people who are part of the group. The deal is then finalised and the legal deeds are prepared. We facilitate a smooth process for transfer of ownership. Thus, from searching for a flat to purchasing it, we are there with the clients at every step.