Group home buy is an effort aimed at solving the real estate problems that thousands of people who constitute the Indian populace face. The company is a unit of a leading real estate solutions provider and is registered as a limited liability company.

With grouphomebuy.in, you get to buy a home at massive discounts, select the home you like from a number of options and choose the neighbourhood you will stay with. The idea behind the service is that people belonging to similar economic, cultural or ethnic backgrounds like to live together. Since ancient times, people have formed clusters based on their professional or ethnic similarities. This is an effort to enable such clusters in the modern societies. The service has pan-India coverage and includes flats that fit every budget.

We have a research team that is working round the clock to find out properties across the country where our potential clients can purchase a house. They also match the needs of particular customers with the properties which will be most suitable for them. Our huge data base enables us to always come up with an appropriate solution, whatever your demands and budget is.

We have valuable experience of providing real estate solutions for commercial and residential needs, and have tie ups with leading construction companies. Thus, we are able to understand the needs of the clients and get the best deals for our buyers. Group Home Buy is a dream come true for individual and group buyers.

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