We have no target group, because we serve everybody. Need for owning a house is not limited to any particular class or age group. While some people buy homes at a young age, others are able to do so only later in their life. So, we cater to people from all sections of society and age groups. In fact, many of our clients are senior citizens, who wish to live in a close knit community with people belonging to their region or culture. They have a limited budget and purchasing a flat through a service like ours is the most viable option for them.

We also have young professionals as clients, who aim to secure their future with a house in a reputed society. We cater to a number of corporate buyers, who buy the flats in bulk for people working in their organisations.

Our support extends to the following people:

  • Group buyers, who want to stay with people of their community, or who share a common language, or cultural background
  • Corporate buyers, making bulk booking for their employees
  • The Government, purchasing houses under some social welfare scheme
  • Investors, who wish to purchase houses to book profit on appreciation
  • Brokers, who serve a vast clientele
  • Individuals, who want to avail the discounts

We will, thus, be ready to help you, no matter what your need is. Till date, we have been able to help hundreds of home buyers realise their dreams and get a house in the location that they prefer.