Free Service

If you wish to buy your dream home and your pocket puts a constraint on you, then you have reached the perfect destination. We believe in getting the maximum benefit for the customer, by negotiating with the builder on volumes. You save on a number of extra costs that are waived off by the builders as a benefit under the schemes facilitated by us.

There are no charges for our services. Yes, it is hard to believe; but, you do not need to pay any brokerage or commission or fee for all the assistance that we offer you. We are absolutely free for our clients.

Our revenue model is different. We charge a percentage of profits earned by the builder, in exchange for facilitating the sale of their flats. We provide the builders with trustworthy and honest buyers, ensuring that the property is in safe hands.

We work on the business model of wholesale market. When you purchase any commodity in bulk, you get a discount on it, following the law of scale. Similarly, when a number of flats are booked together, the cost incurred on registration, advertising for them and other transaction costs are reduced. Hence, the builders are ready to offer a discount on the cost of flats and also pay us a commission in exchange for enabling the sale.