Cost Effective Houses

You can now experience a lavish staying in grand house in posh location only by shelling out few pennies.

Grab the opportunity of buying low priced houses. Make a choice amongst the splendid houses and book a house for yourself as per your preferences. Latch on to the opportunity of buying group of houses with your choice of people in the same locality.

Which religion do you preach?

Jainism? Buddhism? Sikhism? Or Christianity? Which language do you speak? Don’t you wish to stay near the people belonging to similar castes, culture and economic backgrounds as yours?

Group home buy, a real estate consultancy provide commercial and residential solutions to buyers and following the concept of bulk buying at discounted prices aim at uniting individuals with agnate backgrounds. More the number of flats are booked; less will be the cost incurred on marketing and registration. Therefore, builders are ready to allot the flats on markdown prices to the worthy buyers.

You just have to register and rest will be taken care of. Considering your background, culture and economic status, you will be suggested the properties and people you would be likely to stay with.. Approach and get entitled to houses at markdown prices. Group Home Buy offers services free of charge. No brokerage fees or commission is taken from the buyers. Hard to believe, yet true.

The revenue model revolves around soliciting a percentage of total profits earned by the builder in reciprocation of assistance to sell the property by providing loyal and devoted buyers. A research team designed specially to quest for the best properties across the country that can be allocated to the buyers as per their suitability and budget.

Interested buyers are requested to mail at For further clarifications, you can reach Group Home Buy on the same email ID.

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